Entrepreneurs today are reframing the role of business in society, bringing their creativity to bear on large, entrenched social and environmental problems. This site is a collection and showcase of the individuals utilising their time and skill to build organisations that change the world, gleaned from years of supporting them through our consultancy in London, Plan A. 

Whether a buzzing tech startup, a small charity, or a large organisations using their power to do good, we have the beginnings of an economy that can develop humankind while protecting our habitat, and the individuals that make up our world. We're fascinated by the idea of an economy that is optimised for well-being (human and natural), while retaining the sparkly enthusiasm and creativity of business and science. A world full of innovation, smart solutions and beauty, that creates no harmful effects in its wake - instead, it is driven by the immense intellectual challenge of creating simultaneous benefit for all; businesses, people, nature. It recognises that profit is easy - the more interesting challenge is profit with purpose. It challenges the notion of growth for growth's sake, and expands only the solutions that create exponential social and environmental returns alongside financial ones. 

Companies like Gastromotiva, rallying an industry to integrate with their communities, or the Plastic Bank, creating a new currency out of waste, show how a simple idea can spread, quickly.

We support companies with this mindset, using the tools and resources honed in the private sector - digital marketing, digital strategy, new business models, and agile, data-driven ways of working. If this sounds like you, we'd love to talk over coffee. We offer everything from pro bono advice, to longer term engagements in your office. Many of the companies we work with are just getting started, and we've listed some inspiration for us all in the organisations that have journeyed a little further.

We're based in London, and were founded by Lotta Holmberg.

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