PawSquad & the future of veterinary care

Update: PawSquad has moved on to home visits. A lot of hard work has paid off - great write up in TechCrunch.

Imagine this: you've got a lovely little pug, and he's suddenly very poorly. It's 7pm on a Tuesday. You're just not sure what's wrong with him, and if you should be worried. You've got two choices; take him to the emergency vet and pay a £200 bill to find out if something's wrong, or wait until the morning and take time off work to visit the vet.  

Enter PawSquad. Like a vet in your pocket, this one app allows you to do all of the following: video call a vet for instant advice (£15, or included if you do all your pet care with them), book and pay for your own dedicated vet to come do a Home Visit (£48 in London), order and keep track of medications and prescriptions, view your pet's health records, and text your vet between visits. Home Visits are a similar price to an in practice visit, and PawSquad vets can do almost everything in your living room that they would do in practice. Issues are dealt with immediately, using expert advice from trusted UK vets. No Googling, no penalising fees or time off work.

Following the distributed workforce model, PawSquad simultaneously empowers vets to escape work in a what are increasingly corporate practices - and set up on their own, minus the risk. PawSquad supplies the tech platform for running their business, pharmaceutical and clinical support frameworks, and the patient demand.

Qualified and experienced vets are suddenly available for home visits and on demand advice - and they're earning more, and have more control of their working life, so they're happier too. They can spend longer with each pet owner, who get the feel of having a family vet who can pop round whenever they need it. Reduced stress for everyone, and the pet can be observed and treated in its natural environment.

Plan A has worked with PawSquad to develop their story of reinventing pet care since launch. 

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