Conscious Capitalism

Charting the rise of Whole Foods Market, Ben Mackey seeks to 'liberate the heroic spirit of business'. Explaining how, from the beginning, capitalism has been a value driver, a benign force responsible for the extraordinary rise of our species and the societies we've been able to build, but that somewhere along the way, we lost our way. As argued by Yuval Noah Harari in Sapiens, capitalism as a concept was always meant to be accompanied by the ethics of reinvesting profits in creating more value for society, but that increasingly, greed and lack of transparency has taken over to the point where enterprise has got a really bad name. Ben seeks to show, with the example of Whole Foods, how a business can create value for all stakeholders it touches, simultaneously - investors, employees, suppliers, customers. In so doing, business can retake its place in society as a value driver, and a force for good. The book is a practical guide for implementing the model, and is hailed by some as the way of the future.