Very clear ideas

Sitting across the table from Charles Davies is an intense experience. His ideas, and ways of thinking, transcend everyday life and have the power to really shift ingrained behaviours. His most accessible work is Very Clear Ideas, a simple framework for testing ideas - work, life, or creative ones - on their clarity. 

When you're clear, really clear, on your values, or when an idea or project is crystallised, something happens. Energy is channeled, momentum takes you away, the universe opens to allow for serendipitous happenstance. On the other hand, when you're not clear, there is resistance, there is energy seeping out in every direction, and there are very often little movement and result.

Charles Davies is a master at bringing out clarity in organisations and individuals. With a simple card based system, he'll test you on an idea until you know exactly where it isn't clear, and what you need to work on. Until it's clear, and you're in a state of effortless creation. 

But Charles' work goes deeper than that, too. Using what he calls Identity Yoga, he helps uncover the unhelpful stories we tell ourselves, and rewrite them. As an unexpected consequence, I came to realise the stories I hold on to, stories of limitations, for fear of being unlimited. What were to happen if we were entirely unlimited in our creativity, potential and opportunity? Of course, we are. And it's frightening, once you look it in the eye, because we equate it with responsibility. if we're unlimited, we have a responsibility to use our time to create value for others, to go out there, beyond our comfort zone and limiting stories, to step up to the plate. As individuals, and as businesses. This is the kind of thinking that comes from a meeting with Charles - highly recommended, with a warning sign.


Lotta H.PurposeComment