What she says. I could see this journey like a beautifully crafted story. A main story arch that is planned and holds the vision together - and then the serendipity of developing spontaneous, individual storylines that get you to weird and wonderful places with people who do weird and wonderful stuff. 

I can see you create a wonderful tapestry of 'chapters' like:

  • on the road - focussing about you and your personal journey throughout , 
  • hub stories 
  • serendipity of finding people in the most unassuming places who do wonderful stuff
  • inter/intra cultural observations
  • stories about the people behind the start up ....

Love Erica's idea about a title that holds it all together.

Oh, how much would I love to come and travel with you.... 

Erica and I will be waiting in the wings, help you amplify here - I might be able to find someone within Edelman who can help. They do a shit load of start up PR.

Good morning Lotta,

Ooh this sounds fun.  How does it feel to you a couple of days after you have written it?

Ok part of the uniqueness about what you are doing is not necessarily going to just the hubs, but the routes you take, the unplanned deviations, the bus journeys and the train rides that put you in touch with people on the street.  There are just as many - if not more - innovative start-ups happening in these places as there are in hubs.  Although of course all the techie guys will beg to differ.

One of my most interesting projects was with a local cheese shop.

It is the lessons that can be drawn and applied from all of these that will give such interesting grist to your mill.  And it is here that you will find the stories that no-one else is getting.  This will lend total uniqueness to what you offer - particularly when you apply/compare/contrast it to the start-up hubs.  The stories are in what they don’t know - not what they know.   

If you think about the model as a spider’s web…. You are going down all the different threads on your travels, delivering a talk, comparison modelling session or whatever at each thread junction.  

If you have a linear model, it is easy to lose the randomness, and it could be the same that someone else will follow.  

You have the most amazing set of skills to do this… you write, you design, you take wonderful photographs.  So come up with an arse-kicking title…  Start-Up Road Trip, Start-Up Trail, Route Start-Up - all useless but you get my drift.  Then create a startlingly beautiful blog site.

I am more than happy to keep commenting or adding to the blog if you would like - about how growing, evolving UK/US/ European companies can adapt your discoveries to their model if you want, but don’t want to intrude.

I would also see if you can get some support from Monocle or another bigger media company.