During the summer of 2016, we'll be travelling to the Caribbean, Mexico and South America to discover what contemporary entrepreneurship looks like outside of the UK and US. 

From this, we will create a beautifully crafted story. A main story arch that is planned and holds the vision together - and then the serendipity of spontaneous, individual storylines from chance encounters with people who do weird and wonderful stuff. 

We'll be visiting Cuba, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Santiago, and creating a wonderful tapestry of chapters like:

  • Hub Stories - visiting incubators, accelerators, co working spaces and startups in known startup hubs
  • Serendipitous - the learnings from people and entrepreneurs in the most unassuming places who do wonderful things we can learn from
  • Profiles - in depth stories on startups, founders and strategies with particular relevance for us back home
  • On the Road - focussing on our our personal journey throughout, and the perspectives we'll gain on our work and life in London, when we're off the beaten track

In this way, we're hoping to get a different perspective on the role of entrepreneurship today, how it's developing, and where we should go next. As starting up is getting easier and more ubiquitous, business has become personal - a tool for social mobility, a creative outlet, and a tool for changing society. We think we're falling back in love with business. At least that's the hypothesis!

The story will be told in blog posts, articles, photographs and perhaps even video. It will be told by me, Lotta Holmberg, founder of Stori and startup marketer and storyteller in London. I'll be working with organisations like Ashoka, Wayra and Google to grant us access to the people I want to talk to in each location. I'll be offering some pro bono marketing and growth advice to founders, in order to spark conversation and hear stories from the frontlines.

We are now looking for media support, and partners who want to help us develop interesting insight along the way. Get in touch here


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