Kanthari - positive change at the edge of society


The greatest social injustices can be transformed into powerful stories of change. That's the conviction driving Sabriye and Paul, founders of the Kanthari Institute in Kerala. In their school, social entrepreneurs are formed, trained to take their experiences of social injustice based on disability, discrimination or just finding themselves at the wrong place in history, into something positive for those who come after. Kanthari graduates have gone on to train the visually impaired to become bee keepers and protect those living with albinism by transforming attitudes. They are ex child soldiers, faced with disability, and witnesses of terrible things. Yet as they are led by the a powerful energy and zeal of Sabriye and Paul, one can easily imagine the transformative power and ripple down effects of their future projects. Kanthari trains them, through role play, that the road may be paved with adversity, but that with creativity, problem solving, passion and community, they can make the future for all better than the past was to them.  


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