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FitFetti was started by Lucy Reynales Mohan, who got tired of health and fitness apps that measured everyone the same. She wanted an app that rewarded physical activity for the diabetic, college athlete, postpartum mother and thrill seeker the same - together, in one app, with everyone’s success measured based on their own baseline.

FitFetti rewards the adventure seekers, the Sunday hikers, the recovering patient and the college athlete the same - by helping them unlock discount codes from top brands for hitting their activity goals. The app helps them overcome challenges and get motivated to explore the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle, together with the people they care about.

Why? The number one cause of health problems is behaviour. Right now, in 2018, we have all the data we need to show what causes people to get sick. We can tie 32 different conditions to inactivity. If you don’t exercise, you’re at a higher risk of getting stroke, heart disease, diabetes - the list goes on. The good news though, is that we also know the level at which you need to exercise to avoid this risk. And it’s not extremely high.

The CDC recommends 150 activity minutes a week. That’s only 25 minutes a day, with one day of rest. And activity can be anything from walking your kid to school, cycling to work, gardening or playing your favourite sport with friends. It’s really quite easy to be healthy.

And yet, 80% of us don’t do it. FitFetti wants to tackle this problem, by making sure users get rewarded when they improve on their current level of activity. Each week they do a little better than last, we give you a treat from a top brand, like Adidas, Amazon or Nike. 


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