Gastromotiva & social gastronomy


Gastromotiva are building a movement, through food. By infusing the hospitality sector with the tools and desires to create social change through food, they ensure the disadvantaged are trained and included in the culinary sector, bringing hope, dignity, income opportunities and change to local communities. 

Gastromotiva bridges the gap between social enterprise and CSR pet projects - providing a real, viable way to source talent that speaks to finance, HR and CEO, while creating real value in local communities who get trained in entrepreneurship, healthy eating, and life skills. Already a favourite with some of the world's best known hotel chains, and celebrity chefs, they're set to go far. 

If you're in Rio, head to Refettorio Gastromotiva, a real life example of a restaurant that's equal parts restaurant-school, a leader in cooking with surplus ingredients, and a place for communities to come together. 

Gastromotiva, through their work with Ashoka, are launching a Social Gastronomy Movement, to bring business leaders, policy makers and chefs together around best practices and collaboration in the field of using food and hospitality in completely new ways.


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