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In her own words - 

"I've been a skin care geek since I was 18 and started working across from a perfumerie. I'd go there on my lunch hour and spend all my commission on Shiseido and Chanel. When I became pregnant ten years later, I started thinking about what it really was I putting on my face. Are these ingredients really that good, and where do they come from? I started chasing organic skincare with ingredients as pure as possible, and finally made it to the vegetable oils in my cupboard. 

But one single type of oil is not enough for the skin. So I started researching and realised that it's possible to make really good, organic skincare on your own. Pretty soon my bathroom was one glorious 'fuck you' to the beauty industry. "

Anna's story is very similar to that told by vegans, activists, environmentalists for many years - and now, by pretty much everyone. We're questioning what's behind the big brand names, the huge opaque companies we've trusted blindly for a long time. It's a return to the earth, to our values, to taking back knowledge and stating our purchasing power for the good of the planet and our health.

Hudvardsverkstan is her clawback, helping us all see how easy it really is to make your own products, using nature’s best.


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