Integrity Action - the TripAdvisor for Development


Integrity Action does something so unique, yet something that goes largely unnoticed. Up to 25% of aid that goes into infrastructure development projects, set to build essential roads, water, education and health facilities, is lost - wasted on corruption, mismanagement or simply inexperience. Meanwhile, beneficiaries around the world are waiting for vital services that simply do not come.

Integrity Action empowers local communities to address these failing projects, using an open feedback tool styled on TripAdvisor - allowing them to publicly rate contractors and suppliers. This creates a feedback loop, and transparency, that up until now has been missing. They also receive training on how to resolve problems together with contractors and donors, and as a result they're getting 50% of these projects back on track. An elegant, simple solution that empowers local communities and make donor funds go further.

Integrity Action now works with governments, large multinationals and charities on rolling their tools out worldwide.


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