An app for language learners who love stories


Lingobites is a language learning tool unlike any other. Where most apps target the beginner level, with all kinds of creative ways to learn grammar and vocabulary, founder Lisa Dittmar spotted the need for something that comes after. Learners typically experience 'the dip', somewhere after the initial boost of learning the basics, where they struggle to take the next step and engage in conversation. Many never go beyond this point, creating missed opportunities for cross cultural exchange - something the world needs now more than ever.

Lingobites has created a platform to connect short story writers around the world, with those seeking to bridge the gap. Short stories, the kind you would want to read whether you're learning a language or not, are presented to the reader in the target language (for now, Spanish) and a translated version (English), all on the same screen. In an app that resembles Kindle, learners can go through stories at varying levels of difficulty, progressing their learning as they go. 

Meanwhile, Lingobites creates a new route to market for aspiring writers. A way to get quick feedback on their writing, build their portfolio, and get publishing experience. A smart fit, in a true marketplace that really creates value on both sides. 


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