Lola - getting creative with intellectual property


Lola is the brainchild of Erica Wolfe-Murray and Faye Brinkworth, and together they've helped over 120 creative, media and tech companies build resilience by understanding and monetising their intellectual assets. With an entirely unique view on growth, they take creative companies on a highly personal, and often eye-opening journey of self-discovery, finding assets that can drive growth for the business in an entirely new way. 

With the broadest knowledge of business models, and an irreverent view on IP, they've created products, services, revenue streams and creative assets where no one else could see them happening. Underneath it all lies a deep passion for shifting our thinking on creativity from a service to an asset, and thereby heightening its value and propelling creative practitioners' bargaining position. 


General advice, Ideation, Storytelling, Business Strategy

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