Mustard Seed & investing with heart


I met Mustard Seed last year, when they were just setting up their new venture. The premise was simple; back world-class businesses that generate positive and sustainable outcomes. These two level headed ex-City consultants took the view that solving big social and environmental problems drives commercial success in the long run. 

Since those early days, they've acquired an interesting portfolio that's doing really well. I've had the chance to meet and discuss with several of them. 

In the steady hands of Marc Zornes, ex McKinsey among others, Winnow is on track to tackle food waste in the hospitality industry. Using a bit of smart tech, they provide an easy way for kitchens around the world to put real numbers to how much they're wasting. Check out this TED talk

Rubies in the Rubble
Jenny and Alicia tackle food waste earlier in the supply chain; building relationships with fruit and vegetable farmers all around London they've been able to salvage the surplus, ugly and wonky and turn them into chutneys now stocked in an impressive arrays of retail outlets. 

What 3 Words
This larger than life endeavour impresses with its sheer audacity: dreaming up, and implementing, a new way of addressing the entire world. What 3 Words is a system that applies a 3 word code to each 9 x 9m square in the world - so that you can find each other at events, aid can reach areas without postcodes and digital navigation can be made smarter. Chris' determination and imagination has rightfully attracted a tonne of investment and press

Skin Analytics
A very large percentage of skin cancer could be prevented, if only it were found sooner. Neil and his team are working on several ways to help people like you and me check our moles at home. Through partnerships with pharmacies and insurance companies, they're hoping to create a tool so natural and easy to acquire that it feels like we should have had it from the get go. Check out his great TED talk


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