Fewer, better toys - and the science of child development


One Hundred Toys is just in its infancy, but has great ambitions. Merging commerce and education, it seeks to be a 'resource first, and a store second', helping parents cut through the clutter and find the few key toys that are critical to aiding their child's development.

Built by teacher and parent Alexis Ralphs, the company seeks to simultaneously be a trusted resource for simple, classic educational toys whilst encouraging parents to get fewer toys - but use them in more creative ways. It's a beautiful paradox that speaks to the heart and purpose behind the brand.

Ultimately, in a culture of buy more/waste more, Alexis is taking us back to the simple truth that a child will create a world of adventure, games and stories with the simplest of toys - and maybe that in turn can teach us, their parents, something in the process.


Brand Strategy, Storytelling, User Journeys, Ideation

Lotta H.Comment