Vestd helps startups access expertise for equity


What if a startup could postpone raising cash but still access critical advise and services early in their lifecycle? Vestd have designed a solution that helps founders give away small chunks of equity, called V shares, and secure the expertise needed to scale. They solve the problem of complicated issuing of small amount of shares to non-employees, and the problem of high ticket prices for consultants and advisors that could otherwise be very helpful for a young company. Another benefit of this solution is a refactoring of the relationship between advisor and founder; a longer term view that facilitates a stronger partnership and aligned interests. More than that, they're driven by a genuine desire to help startups start up - in an efficient way, without the pressures of immediate fund raising at the very early stages of a company. 


General advice, Ideation, Storytelling



They call it the Equity Economy. Using 

We'll be joining them as they experiment on this new model. 

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