Welcome to Good Venture. It’s a meeting place for anyone passionate about the world’s to-do list - also known as the Sustainable Development Goals, responsible business, and climate change.

I’ve created it to highlight the companies I come across, that do great work - big or small, and as an outlet for the inspiration I find along the way, that keeps the flame lit, and put a spring in our step.

As for me - I’m an economist turned marketer turned strategist, builder of startups in London, consultant to social enterprises internationally, advisor at Ashoka. Mother on a great adventure. Citizen waking up to my responsibility to act, and be heard.

See Home for the companies I have personally had the good fortune to help. Browse Inspiration for examples of impact startups, larger organisations that create real impact, and other initiatives that give us food for thought. Browse Library for books to provide sustenance along the way. If you want to work together, see Hire.

It’s never been more important to highlight the GOOD that’s happening out there. There is a lot of it. We need optimism, to quote the great Christiana Figueres, if we are to change complex systems and attempt wicked problems. How else would we even get started?

For innovations I should feature, or anything else, please contact me.

Thanks for visiting!

Lotta Holmberg