Hi - I'm Lotta. Welcome to a Good Venture. It's a chronicle, and an online diary dedicated to the amazing, rule breaking entrepreneurs I've come across and lent a hand to (see Work). 

Entrepreneurs today are reframing the role of business in society, bringing their creativity to bear on deep seated social and environmental problems. Whether a buzzing tech startup, a small charity, or a large organisation using their power and platform to do good, we have the beginnings of an economy where purpose matters as much as profit - and where we can continue to innovate and grow our resources, while protecting our habitat and our people.

Creating simultaneous benefit for business, people, nature and communities is a huge intellectual and resource challenge for an entrepreneur. Yet those who do it will hold our future. Companies like Gastromotiva, or the Plastic Bank, show that it's possible. Whole Foods' Ben Mackey writes how it's done (see Books). 

In my work, I support companies with this mindset, using a talent for marketing and communications, a strong intuition in strategic execution, deep knowledge in digital business, and a healthy dose of common sense and creativity.

If this sounds like you, I'd love to talk. To get in touch, send me an email here

Lotta Holmberg